Survey Results

We have some preliminary results to share from the comorbidity (common complications) survey we launched in late spring! Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate!

We had over 400 Canadians complete the survey. The objective of the survey was to determine, from you all, what daily complications you experience so we can build tools to help manage them.  Not surprisingly the most common included chronic pain, mental health (depression and anxiety), gut (Crohn’s and colitis), eye inflammation (uveitis and iritis), sleep issues and fatigue. Following closely are psoriasis, fibromyalgia, hypertension and lung disease. On average, people have 4 different conditions to manage in addition to their SpA diagnosis. It’s also important to note the 44.6% of respondents had a healthcare professional other than their GP or Rheumatologist suggest they may have a SpA disease.

The CSA submitted a poster for presentation at the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium held in Edinburgh Scotland in September. Many conference attendee’s including patients, caregivers, researchers, healthcare providers, academia and policymakers were impressed by the number of participants we had making the research results “robust” from a researchers’ perspective.  Others were intrigued by the topic and felt the concept was unique and under recognized as an issue in patient care.

Survey Results

Visit this page regularly as we have additional opportunities to share the results in different ways to different audiences that we believe you will find interesting. We will also have the full report completed shortly and will be excited to share with you!

Thank you again for those participated!  We can’t express how valuable survey results are and the opportunities & resources they provide the CSA. Any type of survey provides us with Canadian data to guide discussions with influencers and healthcare professionals, to you and the general public. It also provides insights into resources and programs to support you and your loved ones and to educate healthcare professionals.  Together we are stronger; and together we communicate and bring awareness of SpA conditions and the impact it has on our lives. We count on your voice – you are the experts, you live with these conditions and you have the lived experience.