Walk Your A.S. Off Contest

Who: Anyone living with, or affected by Spondyloarthritis. This includes friends and family members. Get everyone involved!!

What: To encourage member participation in this year’s Walk Your A.S. Off, The Canadian Spondylitis Association will hold a draw for an activity tracker as a prize to those participating!

When:  May 1- May 31st.   All entries must be submitted by June 1st to be eligible for the draw.

How:  Is this your first year participating?  Click here to learn how sign up and join the A.S Busters

Are you a returning participant or need a refreshing on logging your steps?   Click here to watch a video to help.

Once registered – Members take a screenshot of their dashboard and email contest@spondylitis.ca or upload it and tag us on social media @SpondylitisCA.  Each unique tag/email will be counted as one submission to the contest!   The more you participate, the better chance you have to win!


  1. Canadian participants only.
  2. The Screenshot MUST include:
    • You First & Last Name
    • Your Team as A.S. Busters Canada
    • Your Stats (Total Steps, Steps this week, Steps this year)
  3. Only ONE (1) submission per week. 
  4. You must be registered on the A.S. Busters Canada team to participate.

Click here for more on Walk your A.S. Off