Wearing Masks – by choice or government mandate

Recently, the medical officers across the country have started the wearing of mask coverings  mandatory in commercial and public establishments; particularly where it may be difficult to ensure physical distancing. Masks can help prevent people from unintentionally infecting others but doesn’t necessarily protect the person wearing it from contracting the virus. This is important to remember.

We recommend you use disposable masks. If you choose to wear a homemade mask be sure to it is made from fabric with a tight weave in multiple layers and is drawn tight against the face around the nose and mouth. Bandanas around your face are not effective.

It is important to remember, because you are wearing a mask, don’t overestimate the level of protection and remember to continue physical distancing and diligent and thorough hand washing.

Tips for wearing a mask in public: 

  • Make sure it fits snuggly over your mouth and nose
  • Try to not touch the mask while you’re wearing it and don’t pull it under your chin for a break
  • Change your mask if it becomes damp 
  • Safely dispose of worn masks or wash them after each use

We encourage medical “N95” masks be reserved for front-line healthcare workers.

On a positive note, there are lots of fun, colorful masks available. Think of wearing a mask as an opportunity to express yourself.

Lastly, be kind and respectful of others. Recognize everyone has varying degrees of comfort. Together we are stronger!