Connecting SpA

Tuesday May 11, 2021

Time: 07:30 pm - 08:30 pm

Location: Online

Connecting SpA : Helping you understand the family of spondyloarthritic conditions

Join the CSA & Dr. Walter P. Maksymowych ( F.R.C.P. (C)) for a FREE webinar that will review spondyloarthritic conditions, and the different disease in SpA.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • What are the various conditions that fall into the spondyloarthritis umbrella?
  • What are the treatment options ?
  • How do the treatment options differ?
  • What are the common complications – similarities & differences
  • How common is it to have multiple SpA conditions?

Register Here: https://connectingspa.eventbrite.ca

Have a topic you’d be interested in hearing about? Email info@spondylitis.ca with your ideas.