Volunteer with the CSA

Volunteer with the CSA — Your help is needed!

The Canadian Spondylitis Association is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization. We are led by a volunteer Board of Directors supported by a small management team.

The CSA is currently working on a formal volunteer program that will allow us to recruit and retain valuable volunteers. Volunteering should be a rewarding and valuable experience for individuals wanting to donate their time to raise awareness and improve the lives of Canadians living with Spondyloarthritic conditions.

Our new program will provide a framework to support a growing network of volunteer leaders in their community, using the gift of time, talents and interests to help people living with Spondyloarthritis. We will support our volunteers by providing structure to educate and inform others, advocate for access to medications and services, and raise funds to continue raising awareness and bringing new programs and initiatives to support the community.

It is the goal of the Canadian Spondylitis Association to have an active membership and participation in each province and territory across Canada. We will achieve this by having active and engaged volunteers on the ground across the country.

Please take our short volunteer questionnaire to share a bit of information about yourself and what areas you are interested in getting involved with us

Provincial/Territorial representatives

The CSA is looking for volunteers to fill the position of provincial or territorial representative, who will organize a local chapter of the Canadian Spondylitis Association in their province or territory.

Board member

The Canadian Spondylitis Association has board member and chair opportunities available for volunteers. Board members are responsible for input into direction and activities of the CSA.

Local contact

Local contacts make themselves available for those who are also diagnosed with SpA and need someone to talk to who understands their disease and experiences.

Branch leader

A healthy network of branches or support groups is necessary for the success of the CSA. It leads to a pool of willing, knowledgeable volunteers, closer ties with local health care providers, fundraising opportunities and a sense of community.