#SaveTapNow - One patient's life-changing story

The Arthritis Program at Southlake Regional Health Centre provides the gold standard of arthritis care, delivering assessment, treatment and education for people suffering from the debilitating effects of inflammatory and osteoarthritis. Since 1991, over TAP has helped over 80,000 patients live better with arthritis.

TAP is the gold standard for inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis care. Since 1991, over 80,000 patients have received timely assessments, comprehensive treatment, and educational programs that help people live better with arthritis. 

If the program closes in January 2021, patients will lose essential care and will be redirected into healthcare programs that deliver poor outcomes and cost more for our healthcare system to deliver. 

You can help by telling the Ontario government to provide the funding to keep TAP open. 

  1. Share this article on Twitter using the hashtag #SaveTapNow. 
  1. Email Christine Elliott, the Ontario Minister of Health and tell her that patients deserve the care that is delivered by TAP. Here’s a writing prompt to get you started: 

Dear Ms. Elliott, 

Save The Arthritis Program at Southlake Regional Health Centre

Recently, the Southlake Regional Health Centre announced that they would be closing The Arthritis Program (TAP) in January, 2021 and I am deeply troubled by the news. Closing will have a negative impact on patients, especially those living with inflammatory arthritis who are at higher risk of complications. Additionally, the resulting increase in overall healthcare costs will be significant at a critical time when the government is facing a pandemic deficit.

I am writing to ask you to work with all stakeholders to reverse this shortsighted decision and keep TAP open. Every year, thousands of patients rely on TAP to help manage their chronic disease. People living with arthritis in our community deserve no less. 

I am urging you to intervene and provide funding support for TAP’s continued operation. 


Please save this essential care program. 

[Your Name]