Anti-Racism, Solidarity Statement

The Canadian Spondylitis Association is committed to fostering a culture of respect, equity and belonging for every member of the Spondyloarthritis community, as well as the broader inflammatory community. 
We stand in solidarity with all members of the Black community, including those Black members of the Spondyloarthritis community, during this critical moment. We will not tolerate any expressions of racism, hatred, or white superiority. 
We stand in solidarity with those who are asking for justice and fundamental change in the way our society, our governments, and our health institutions operate. We recognize that Black, Indigenous Peoples, and people of colour (BIPOC) face racial disparities in health outcomes
and access to medications, care, and services. We commit to uplifting their voices in our advocacy with a specific emphasis on the broader social determinants of health, which includes racism. 
To the Black Spondyloarthritis community, we see you and will continue to do our part to work to address the social determinants of health and ensure equitable access to medications, care, and services. 
To the broader Spondyloarthritis community, we must critically reflect on how our privilege affords us better access to health-related information and treatment. This means it is our responsibility to uplift the voices and experiences of BIPOC within those spaces to end discrimination and racial disparity in health outcomes.