Spondylitis Awareness Webinar


Here’s a chance to learn why Spondyloarthritic conditions are often difficult to diagnose. Understand why the time to diagnosis can be quite lengthy for some and how to make the most of your diagnosis and time with healthcare team for our free Spondylitis Awareness Webinar recorded September 20th 2021.

Topics Discussed

  • The process in diagnosing SpA
  • Why is it often a longer process for females to get diagnosed
  • Knowledge base of physicians and what you can do to help.
  • How to work with your rheumatologist during the diagnosis process
  • How to work with your rheumatologist once a diagnosis is made
  • How can patients help
  • How to ask for a referral
  • How to work with your doctor to set goals
  • Q&A

Watch the recording

For those who were able to join us, we hope you found the session valuable!  If you were not able to join live – we have a recording available below:

Evaluation – SpA Awareness Webinar

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