Webinar : COVID-19 & Inflammatory Conditions

2020 Covid-19 & Inflammatory Chronic Arthritis – An Update

Review our FREE webinar with Spondyloarthritis experts provide an update on Covid-19 and living with inflammatory illness. Learn about the importance remaining active has on our mental and physical health.  

Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. Our lives have been changed for the unforeseeable future. What our new normal looks like remains to be known. Rheumatologists (Dr. Gillian Fitzgerald, Dr. Robert Inman, Dr. Nigil Haroon) and Laura Passalent (advanced arthritis trained physiotherapist) from SPARCC shared credible, hopeful and honest information about Covid-19. 

Arthritis-trained Physiotherapist Laura Passalent has put together resources for staynig active during COVID-19

*SPARCC is a group of rheumatologists and scientists who have come together to study spondyloarthritis.  SPARCC is a national research program with a focus on genetic and pathogenesis studies and outcome measures for patients with spondyloarthritis.

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